Monday, April 27, 2020

A Brief History of the YouTube

Youtube History

Originally created in California, US, YouTube is an American online video streaming platform that lets users stream videos posted by other users and upload videos of their own. On YouTube, you get videos of all kinds of genres, informational, recreational, entertainment including all sorts of activities, tutorials, how to's and what not!

People all across the globe are posting their content today on YouTube, in millions of numbers. Around 3 million videos are posted on this video streaming app each new day. In fact, the youtube community is growing so fast that it's becoming one of the greatest and sole source of earning for some users!

The viewers, who subscribe to the channels of these YouTubers, get to like their content, comment on their content, Express their opinions about it, likes/dislikes. It's such a great place to express yourself, your talents, let the world know about it, let it become the source of entertainment, knowledge for the rest.

One of the newest features of YouTube is live streaming! Live streaming is not only for video content but also, entertainment, gaming, learning and more too.

The content creators,i.e.the YouTubers, get ranked on the basis of the number of views, likes, comments their content gets, from us, the viewers. Hence, they make sure they create good content in order to win over the audience and get more people to subscribe to them. That is how they build their community on YouTube. They get paid at a certain number of views, likes, shares. Youtubers also get to sponsor companies on their channels, which in turn is also a way they get paid.
YouTube has become a great platform for teens nowadays, to explore things .people watch music videos, comedy acts, hacks, get to follow their favourite YouTubers, bloggers.

Any topic can be searched for and viewed on this site, with hundreds and thousands of results showing up in minutes. YouTube has a wide range of content and it is so diverse that people can never get tired of it, which is leading to more and more people engaging in posting new stuff. 

YouTube is a wonderful platform for new age people that encourages themselves to get out of their comfort zones and express themselves on social media, which is totally a confidence booster. 
YouTube has released some sites of its own too, like the YouTube kids or YouTube premium.

There are various channels providing kids' stuff too. Cartoons, informational videos, movies and whatnot. In fact, there is this new website by YouTube called 'YOUTUBE KIDS' which is especially meant to stream for kids. This children-friendly site has some but obvious age restrictions, features like parental control or guidance, limited content for kids. Its the best new kids can use for recreational or educational purposes.

YouTube premium is something where u pay a certain amount to get advertisement-free streaming, better quality, a better range of videos or series which aren't available on the free version of YouTube which we commonly use.

Just like its said every coin has, it's two sides, everything has its own pros and cons. Cyberbullying is a major issue.

Many people would take upon spreading negativity on YouTube, posting Ill-mannered comments, negative feedback, not giving a thought about the posters mentality on receiving such kind of negativity. Also, since YouTube provides freedom for anyone to open up a channel and post content, there's a great possibility for the mass spread of misinformation to gullible people who are regular visitors to this website.

Some of the drawbacks for the YouTubers themselves could be that your account could be disabled anytime if your content fails to meet with the YouTube terms and guidelines. This tends to happen when your videos get repeated a lot of times since it might contain inappropriate content against the YouTube terms.

Also, another threat for a poster could be that any other brand could put that advertisement on or near your videos, which might tend to jeopardise your branding/advertisement/content.

So we see, like any other element, this video streaming website to has its own positives and negatives. But, so many people engaging in it, making a success out of it, is what makes itself so huge.

YouTube: A platform loved by many but at the same time criticised by lots

Youtube Platform

The Video Hosting service giant has recognized widely for the vast content it provides on its platform and is the second most popular site in the world, just behind Google, according to Alexa Internet.
Talking about the basic aspect of how YouTube to help creators make money and how it earns for its services is by advertising revenue by Google AdSense. It is dependent upon the user base and the traffic on a particular creators page which keep them a step ahead from its rivals like Netflix, Spotify, Prime Video, Hulu, Et cetera and make YouTube a success. Going through the insights and stats, a significant graphical upliftment in YouTube’s ads allocation while streaming the videos, before the start of videos and after the end is what one will find increasing at a rapid pace. Basically, this is the entire strategy or to be precise the primary strategy its profit-making revolves around. Apart from this service Pilot program for content providers to offer premium, subscription-based channels within the platform, secondary mobile apps such as YouTube kids for children.

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One of the most peculiar aspects seldom discussed is the way YouTube changed the lives of several individuals. Today if we take the example of creators across the globe, be it any segment whether Music, Videos, OTT, Educational, Motivational and even sensual age-restricted content, name it and the platform has it all. It has enabled inexpensive creation and distribution of content created by individual you tubers. It has turned out to be a career opportunity never thought before and has taken away the fear of camera along with the shyness of public appearance from many. Everyone and anyone today has the potential to become a successful and renowned you tuber if their content is what the target audience look for, expects and spend time on watching.
The reason why this I gave this article a title which will sound contradictory to many of you is not from nowhere, there are ample incidents of YouTube accused of being double standard and biased towards the creators who were insanely popular and for letting them continue to monetize their videos even after the broadcasted content appeared to be inappropriate and insensitive to many. The change in policies which YouTube implemented lately, were said to be caring less about creating and supporting small communities that came together and share their experiences rather it focused more on those who had money, the views and the pull.
But as they say, it’s the business and the mindset which carries with them the ability to differentiate, what appears to be less opportunistic to the one appears and carried over as more holistic and worth going for by the other.

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Coming to the current scenario, what is happening in our world and through what the entire human race is suffering, in the wake of COVID-19 Pandemic and in response to the lockdowns happening all across the globe in major countries in which YouTube’s services are accessed and are in operation, the traffic on the site grew at a rapid pace. On European Union officials request that such services reduce the bandwidth of speed and efficiency of the internet, in order to make sure medical entities had sufficient bandwidth to share information without obstructions, YouTube decided and stated it would reduce streaming quality to cut bandwidth use of their service by 25% to not only in EU but they will continue this move worldwide.
This is the much appreciable move even if considered in terms of its CSR, to minimize the stress on the system during the unprecedented time.